Projec10 Guide  /  Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I input the formations and tactics into the game?

    • Everything is set using team sheets. It is recommended you edit the default team sheet when entering formations and tactics. All formation, instruction, and tactics changes are made through the team sheet section.

  • Do these work for career mode?

    • Yes, and you have two options. First, you may edit team sheets before you start a new career mode, but you must edit the default team sheets. Once you are ready to start a new career mode, select current customized squads as opposed to downloading the latest squads. Team sheet edits will only show up in career mode if you edited the default team sheet.

      The second option, and preferred method, is to input team sheet edits using a second controller before the start of a game in career mode for your opponent. Doing this allows you to start using Projec10 in an existing career mode, as well as start a career mode without editing each team sheet which you’d like to use. However, this method will require a second controller.

  • Do you know some of these are outdated, or are not realistic?

    • Projec10 does not claim to be a tactical dream database of the most realistic and up-to-date football tactics in the world. These are merely settings for a video game which allow the game to perform better, and more realistically.

  • Why are some of the values so low, or so high?

    • Extremes are needed in order to see actual change with the gameplay. By default, the FIFA franchise has always used far too middle of the road, or default settings for custom team tactics, and formations.

  • Do I need to use any specific sliders?

    • Projec10 highly recommends using some form of sliders other than default to enhance the gameplay of FIFA 17. Currently, we recommend the most current set of the Operation Sports Community Sliders.

  • When will more tactics be added?

    • We are starting slow, but the goal is to have tactics, formations, and instructions for all major leagues. Keep checking back for more updates.

  • How can I contribute to the project?

    • In the near future we will be adding the ability for several contributors to add tactics to the website/database. If you are interested in helping, please join the conversation on Operation Sports.

  • Are these free to use? Can I donate?

    • Everything is free to use, and soon we will be collecting donations. They are not required, suggested, or obligatory. However, if you would like to make a donation, you will have the opportunity to do so.